2017-2019 Working on a Master degree in the History of Arts. Thesis on political aspect of
contemporary art within neoliberalist perspectives on the crisis of immigration

2015-2018 Working at Hagen Skole in Nittedal, Norway and freelancing in illustration and graphic

2015 Working at Hagen Skole in Nittedal, Norway, animation class and assisting in school and SFO

2014 Parental leave, birth of my daughter

2013 Freelancing and working with texturing and modeling for Tilnærmet Lik in Oslo

2012 Modeling, Texturing and working with fur at Qvisten Animation studio in Oslo

2008-2012 CGA Bachelor student at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark

2008 Illustration and design for Danish Red Cross

2007 Illustrator for e-learning game Pixeline in Herning/Silkeborg, Denmark

2004-2006 Course at Copenhagen Technical University in multimedia design

1999-2003 Diverse illustration tasks for Norsk Ernæringsråd, Tank Design and
author Gerd Brantenberg in Oslo

1998-1999 Master in french specializing in the cartoon Astérix. Though interrupted to work with illustration

1997 Apprentice at Norske Grafikeres Verksted (Graphic print, mezzotint, deep print) Oslo.

1991-1994 Bachelor in History of Art and beginning bachelor in French culture and language. Autumn 1994 studying at Sorbonne, Paris.

1990-1991 Einar Granum Kunstskole (Artschool) in Oslo

1990 Graduating from Trondheim Katedralskole